Admission Process

Applying for a HND course at EThames in four simple steps

EThames Graduate School offers a full range of Further and Higher Education courses leading to UK Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

There is no need to apply through UCAS; students can apply directly to the College. You will receive a response from our Admissions Department within 7 working days of our receipt of your application and required documentation. You are not restricted to starting your studies in October; most of our programmes have 2 intakes of students each year - October and January. Therefore you can commence your chosen programme of study at a time that suits you best.

Step 1 - Submit your application

When you submit your application remember to include your:

  • Passport
  • CV
  • Qualification certificates (if you have the relevant qualifications)
  • Work experience reference (if you do not have the relevant qualifications)
  • Personal statement
  • Proof of address

Please visit the specific course page on our website for further information about our entry requirements.

Submit your application online by visiting or in person at our Gants Hills Campus. Alternatively, you can send it via email addressed to

Step 2 - Standard and non-standard entry

Depending on your previous qualifications and whether these fully satisfy the entry requirements of your chosen course, your application will fall in to one of the two following categories:

Standard Entry - The student meets all the academic entry requirements for the course

Non-standard entry - Students must show relevant work experience for the course they’ve applied for. Those without a level 2 English qualification will have to sit our in-house English exam.

All students without Level 2 English will also need to take an English exam.

Step 3

Standard Entry - The student will be provided with a conditional offer providing that:

  • Evidence of qualifications is provided

Non-standard entry - Academic interview and/or English exam. Students will be interviewed to discuss their relevant experience in relation to the course they have applied for.

All students without Level 2 English will also need to take an English exam.

Step 4 - Confirmation letter

All conditions will need to have been met before the student is issued with an unconditional offer letter. A student may be given a conditional offer letter if they have met some but not all of the conditions required to gain entry.

Letter will then be sent sent to student confirming offer.

If you have any questions about EThames or your application then email or call us at +44 (0)20 8518 5190.

To read about our Confidentiality and Data Protection policy click here. For more information about our Admissions Policy then click here.

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