English with Media and Culture

Course Introduction

Enjoy, create and explore the media while improving your English and communication skills.


Programme Features
  • Discussions
  • Debates
  • Group projects and presentations
  • Explore entertainment, art and media
  • Explore modern and historic Britain
  • Use technology and social media to communicate
  • Explore the world of film, photography and newspapers
  • Explore the business of advertising and marketing media
Programme Benefits
  • Think in English
  • Develop confidence expressing your opinions
  • Broaden your understanding of the world
  • Learn to adapt into new cultures more easily
  • Use English media for entertainment and socialising
Optional Development Opportunities
  • Field trips
    • Museums
    • Art galleries
    • Historic London
    • Film studios
    • Premiers of Independent films made in London
  • Attending regular language exchanges in London
  • Advice and guidance on applications for internships on film productions
  • Guest speakers who make independent films and TV in London
    • Cameramen
    • Directors