Live Campus

Live Campus

Live Campus is the name of EThames Graduate School’s virtual learning environment (VLE), which is a Moodle platform, and therefore can be accessed on the internet from anywhere by students and staff 24/7, via an individual login id and password.

Students can access all their course materials, assessments, course and unit handbooks, useful information on study skills such as how to avoid plagiarism, and general information on welfare and other matters.

Live Campus is used by students to upload their work into the Turnitin software system to review their own results for similarity and plagiarism. Links are then provided on Live Campus for students to upload final versions of their assignments by the submission deadlines, ready for marking and feedback. Most marking is done online so students can also access feedback for their work online via Live Campus.

EThames students are encouraged to engage in the academic management of their programmes, both via their elected course representative or as individuals, and can view minutes of Course Board meetings as well as annual external examiners reports on Live Campus.

Live Campus is also used as the main communication tool between the college and EThames students, and between students and their academic tutors or student support staff.